Brand partnership opportunity x Texaco

CONFUSED.COM: The evolution of ‘Drivers Win’

Action: Delivering a brand partnership opportunity that gives benefits to customers was looking to develop and affirm its ‘Drivers Win’ messaging beyond the creative seen in its ATL campaign featuring James Corden winning his way through various driving situations. It wanted to provide a benefit to drivers beyond savings on car insurance and tasked Fuse with delivering a brand partnership opportunity with the potential to expand the offering into other motorist related categories in the future.

Create: Auditing brand channels to present a compelling brand partnership opportunity

We conducted research to understand what matters most to drivers, highlighting fuel as their number one concern. This was something we could use to create a gripping and tangible ‘Drivers Win’ reward.

We ran an asset audit and valuation of channels and developed the brand’s proposition. This enabled us to put together a compelling brand partnership opportunity to share with fuel brands to find the perfect partner for

For, the best fit came with Texaco. We activated the partnership by offering customers who purchase car insurance through £20 off fuel redeemable only at Texaco. The partnership was promoted through TV, online and social.

Impact: Success leads to multi-year brand partnership

Having launched the partnership as its first above-the-line promotional campaign in 2018, the partnership was so successful that and Texaco have run it again in 2019.