Creative Marketing Ideas | Spotlight on…Nikki Sulentic

Spotlight on… Nikki Sulentic, Creative Director at Fuse

As our new Creative Director, Nikki Sulentic, has been tasked with taking insights from our strategy hub and turning them into meaningful creative marketing ideas that can be executed as part of broader and more accountable performance partnership campaigns. With extensive experience across TV, print, media, social content and digital at top advertising agencies, everyone at Fuse has been excited to see what she will bring to our agency. Here we discuss Nikki’s first impressions of Fuse and her career highlights so far.

What excited you about joining Fuse?

Sport, music, culture, cause. What more could you want out of a client-base? What also excited me about Fuse was the agency’s clear passion for creating the best possible consumer experience through the best possible brand partnerships. I was also very drawn to the agency’s strong strategy, data and insight offering which helps to produce the best outcome for brands and consumers.

And what have been your first impressions so far?

I’ve seen that everyone at Fuse is extremely passionate about what they do. We have a wealth of amazing talent in our agency which is lovely to see and everyone genuinely goes above and beyond. I think that comes down to truly enjoying what you’re working on and having a great team surrounding you.

What is your role at Fuse?

As Creative Director, it is my job to come up with those big ideas that look beyond the traditional means of advertising and marketing. I’ll also be ensuring that everything we do has a powerful thought behind it. Even when it comes to down tactical activations. For instance, with partnership events I’ll focus on ensuring that all our tactical ideas have a strong overarching creative marketing idea behind them. Something that truly resonates with and excites the consumer and creates the best possible brand experience.

Another thing I’m really interested in doing is finding hidden creative talent within Fuse and working with them to deliver the best creative marketing ideas.

What have you been working on in your first few months?

I’ve already been quite busy helping various client teams across Fuse. From coming up with big creative and activation ideas for Enterprise x EUROPA League 2019-20, to writing scripts, storyboarding and shooting content films for a number of clients and helping our strategy team flesh out their thinking to come up with a meaningful creative hook (sorry for the advertising jargon!) I’ve also written an opinion piece for The Drum’s Creative Director’s Choice, which essentially allowed me to admit my undying love for IKEA and Stranger Things. I also stupidly signed up to the Advertising Inter-agency 5k run. What’s wrong with me?

What has been a highlight of your career so far?

It would have to be winning the ad:tech competition in Australia. My prize was being flown to New York to attend the ad:tech conference where I randomly met Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite (!) so that was a big highlight for me.

Tell us something we don’t know about you

I am currently learning how to play ACDC’s ‘Highway to Hell’ on the drums and I’m proud to say I have almost* nailed the first verse.

*Depends what day it is.