We specialise in strategy, activation & evaluation and offer seven core services:


We provide strategy, planning, acquisition and negotiation support across all functions. We’ll outline how partnerships + experiences could help meet your business challenges, and then we’ll make it happen.


We create and manage partnerships across sport, entertainment, cause, and culture. We match brands + rights owners, or brands + brands to make the most of every opportunity.


The development and delivery of live experiences for brands, including experiential, corporate events, hospitality and guest management, often as part of a broader partnership campaign.


Great partnerships + experiences create great content: the kind people really care about. We plan, craft and optimise content across channels and media partners. Which means you get talk to people in their language.


PR is the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you. Great PR makes everything else better. At Fuse, our PR clout helps us shout every campaign from the rooftops, so you that reach the right people at the best time.


Data matters at Fuse, so expect to hear about it when you sit down with us. We use the modern art of insight to craft powerful direct marketing communications across sport, entertainment, cause and culture.


Across all services, on every project, insight is the light that guides us. Rigorous research and detailed analysis mean everything we do makes us smarter, better and more efficient.